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DPSA is a service led by AECOM which brings together expertise in procurement, logistics, supply chain, international development, risk management and security, to support the delivery of aid and development programmes. We specialise in complex and multi-category supply chain projects across a range of sectors. We also provide procurement-related technical advice, procurement audit and assistance services.

AECOM is the sole holder of the global goods and equipment framework for the UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID), the replacement for the previous Procurement Agent frameworks.

  1. We have substantial experience of handling complex multi-category procurements and supply chain projects – Managing multi-category projects, with multiple manufacturers, supply chains and timelines, and delivery to challenging environments, can be difficult and high risk. With our experience of handling such complex procurements, DPSA can support you, letting you focus your attention on the programme you’re delivering.
  2. We offer specialist expertise – DPSA provides technical experts and advice across a wide range of sectors and commodities including pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, energy, educational materials and procurement oversight services.
  3. We provide each client with a single point of contact – Our Country Managers act as a single point of contact for our clients, coordinating sourcing, procurement and delivery from beginning to end. This means that you only need to liaise with one person, saving you time in overseeing the procurement. Although the Country Manager is the ‘face’ of DPSA, each one is supported by a global network of procurement and specialist experts.
  4. We source goods and equipment from both local and international suppliers – This means we can be consistent with donor policies, such as in supporting local economies, as required. This flexibility also means we can respond to the short timelines with which you often operate.
  5. We help at any stage of a client’s procurement planning – We provide procurement advice and support whether a programme is at the design stage, or implementation has already started. We draw on our network of specialist experts to help solve your procurement and supply chain challenges.
  6. We ‘do procurement differently’ – We aim to drive value for money and innovation by seeking to integrate procurement with programme design from the outset – not only understanding ‘what’ is needed, but ‘why’ and ‘how’, so that we can deliver the optimal product, service or solution.

We work with different partners depending on our client’s requirements. These include Eagle Scientific and TWI.

  • Eagle Scientific is a global provider of medical, educational and vocational solutions.
  • TWI provides industry-leading supply-chain capabilities, and experience of serving construction, infrastructure, energy, logistics and distribution, and government customers on five continents.
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